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✖ I'м тнe yoυng sтαr тнαт's вeen αvαndoned вy тнe lαrge gαlαxy ✖
Life ruiner Life ruiner #2 OT15 They loved each other so much, everyone was jealous. Twitter

Congratulation on your 100th Super Show, dear Super Junior.

Teuk: Lots happened in the army, at 1 point I thought I shouldn't live. But for family, members, fans, I got a hold of myself
Credit: 金圣诞是理想型

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/flying to korea to wipe those tears/

Happy 14th Debut anniversary Lee Hyukjae  [2000.09.20 - 2014.09.20]

Sept 20,2000, marked the day that you finally made all your dreams come true. You’ve grown so much since debut and i’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. Thank you for always giving happiness and joy to everyone’s heart and you truly deserve everything that is happening to right now. Thank you for staying humble, kind hearted and lovable person as you are. Keep smiling and always remember how beautiful are you inside and out.God bless! i love u ♥

1/150 - Donghae's birthday!

siwon1987: Let’s go 


66 / ∞ - 규현

When you meet your bias for the first time


SS6 Seoul

Opening VCR

kanginnim: I won’t say who it is but ignoring someone just because you can dance a bit.. Just wait and see. I will get my revenge…Watch out (c)

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